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Twitch A Rock Opera From The Earth

Originally released on SlowBurn Records (2002) [ti_audio name="Twitch A Rock Opera From The Earth" volume="75"] songs- Prologue, Civil Disobedience, Spark's Song (live), Why, She Enters The Dream, Dream Sequence, Desert Sequence, News Broadcast I, City Sequence,  Song of Clemicus, It Has Such A Strong Appeal, Intellectual Stew, Intellectual Plane, The Earth Song, The Bobby Babylon Show, Ritual For the Stone God, The Stone God Awakens, Mother Earth Song (live), News Broadcast II, The Envoy, Common Ground, Wandering Spirit, Twitch Theme, They All Know Me Now, Sensory Soiree, The Balance featuring: Sun Zoom Spark, John Paul Marchand, Melissa Luna, Jessica Shuman, Gary Bear, Jesus Acedo, Bryna Gallagher, Mat Bevel, Gabrielle Pietrangelo, Cyclotron, Rodney Coronado, Ali Bonner, Kate Juliano, Allison Rose and Rey Tester   Twitch-A Rock Opera from the Earth has been a personal journey for author John Paul Marchand. Originally conceived in 1997 as a multi-media performance piece, the development of Twitch has gone through many stages. Marchand, a visual artist, activist and local DJ for Tucson community radio station KXCI 91.3 FM, began writing Twitch to express his personal concern for the global environment. Over the next five years Marchand organized over 150 different Tucson musicians, artists, activist and personalities to contribute their talents. In the end, the project culminated in a CD of the music, a feature-length independent film and a wildly successful local stage production of the story.
Marchand’s story is a cautionary tale of environmental apocalypse and possible salvation. Marchand, a fan of Brian Fraud and of Celtic myth, tells the story of a Nature Spirit called Twitch. At a time of corruption, pollution and environmental decay, the Nature Spirits have decided to leave the humans of Earth to seek ‘greener’ pastures. Twitch, having faith in the human spirit, decides to stay behind, believing the she can convince the humans to change their ways. In order to do this, Twitch must become human and be tempted by the devices of our society: technology, greed, lust etc. In the end, Twitch becomes something of a celebrity and global activist, who is able to defeat Bobby Babylon (the visage of corporate greed), touch the heart of the Ordinary Man and bring balance to the planet.
In order to put the ‘rock’ into his opera, Marchand employed the services of Tucson’s acid rock ensemble, Sun Zoom Spark to arrange and record the music. The result is truly an impressive accomplishment. Sun Zoom Spark, augmented by over 20 different musicians, has created an 80 minute ‘concept album’ masterpiece. Included here are performances by Jesus Acedo of the Black Sun Ensemble, industrial-rock band Cyclotron, performance artist Mat Bevel, folk-troubadour Rey Tester, activist Ron Coronado and many others. The CD, recorded at SlowBurn Studio in Tucson, not only is a locally conceived and produced rock opera, it is also a unique collaborative portrait of Tucson’s musical community.
In September of 2002, Tucson’s Sparrow and Cicada Theater Works brought the opera to the stage. The production, with Sun Zoom Spark providing the live music, delighted sold out crowds and impressed local theater critics. Nothing like this had ever been attempted on Tucson stages.
SlowBurn Records is proud to present this impressive conceptual achievement. Twitch- A Rock Opera From The Earth is a album in the 1970s concept album tradition and may not be for those who do not appreciate the genre. However, the opera’s music is instantly accessible, engaging and, well -rocks. Marchand is currently in post-production of a feature length film of Twitch, starring Melissa Luna as Twitch and feature the music from the CD as well as several unreleased tracks.

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