Twitch Artist Statement

Twitch creator, John Paul MarchandAround 1999, I decided to hang up my activist hat for a while.  I was coming from a place of mostly anger, and while anger can be channeled into positive and productive action from time to time, I realized I was simply drained from it. Since my activism was put on hold, I wanted to do something big, something that artistically conveyed my concern for what was happening to the planet. At first, Twitch was 45 minutes of instrumental music to be used one day as a soundtrack for a live multimedia piece of performance art.  Then it took on a life of its own and a rock opera was born. Finally, with the help of many talented and amazing people, it is now an album, a live production and will soon be a feature length film.  Good things come to people who wait and work hard. In many ways, despite being an environmental rock opera, Twitch is an example of how magical a project can become.  It is an affirmation of what a group of people can achieve without the focus on the all-mighty buck being the goal. Twitch is a dream realized.  I hope you enjoy it and  it stirs something within you, wether you be a Democrat or Republican, Pagan or Christian, Atheist - or what have you. Many magical things have happened during the evolution of this musical.  At times, I believe Twitch is a real spirit, trying to reach us.  I wouldn’t be all that surprised if this were true.  I believe we all know, deep down inside, that the only reason we go about our lives is because we belong to a an amazing ecosystem.  We are burning our own house down. If we don’t find a better way, the earth will simply get rid of us.  Nothing personal - just a natural course.  This is the simple message of this work.  I do believe that the earth is alive with a consciousness we don’t fully understand. Twitch just wants us to look around and see a new way, then take some action.  Its a lot ask, but there is so much at stake. John Paul Marchand - September 2002  

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