Twitch Libretto Act One Part Three

Mother Earth[ti_audio name="Twitch Act One Part Three"] 10. Earth Song (Pietrangelo) Gabrielle Pietrangelo - vocals, hand drum; Eric Johnson - percussion The Earth Mother: Listen to the sound of the morning, my heart is calling... listen. Listen to the sound of the evening, my heart is beating... listen. I give you flowing water. I give you air to breathe. I give you the fire warm. I give you fruit to eat. I am dancing through an endless sky, I am circling in graceful flight. I am dancing through an endless sky, I am circling... the sun.   Bobby Babylon (Craig Leach)11.  The Bobby Babylon Show (Marchand, Leach, C. Johnson, Luellyn) Performed by Cyclotron; Craig Leach - guitar, vocals, synthesizer; Brad Luellyn - drums, programming Bobby's corporate lair is both that of a magnificent corporate office and a Vegas-like game show.  Twitch finds herself suddenly dressed in a three-piece suit.  Showgirls appear to her first, walking down a blinking stairway made of gold.  The words "BABYLON INC." are displayed brazenly above the foul and torrid display of greed and lust. Bobby runs to center stage, sees Twitch and smiles, half of his face is scarred and twisted.  Bobby's floozy and mistress Pandora is right by his side...   Bobby Babylon: Word on the street that the last of the Faere Folk is in town!  Well, lookee here!  Look what has come, right on thru my door.  Make yourself at home, Twitch.  Yeah, I know your name.  I know your trip.  I know why you are here.  Tell me, Twitch, are the rumors true?  Did you really become...human? Every human aspiration and lascivious plot and machination, starts with me!  Starts with me!  Can't you hear my song?  Why don't you dance, Twitch?  Dance with me! I'm the prime-mover, the spiritual flaw... violent crimes and declarations of war.  Creation is so time consuming, the art of destruction is so underrated by your kind!  Can't you hear my song?  Why aren't you dancing, Twitch?  Follow my lead.  Dance with me Twitch! I'm vilified when I should be worshipped.  We crucify ourselves in the end.  You were a spirit ageless and free.  Now prone to suffer. How does it feel?  Kindness is a weakness that kills! Just give me a chance!  I'll steal what is left of the world for you.  Think how we could feed!  The glassy eyes of our frenzied fans! As they watch our life of luxury, sex and horror.  Dance!  You still arent' dancing Twitch - follow my lead!  Twitch! Can't you hear my song?  I am Bobby Babylon.   Years after the time of Twitch, an old man (a Yaqui elder) that lives outside the city limits of Tucson, tells his grand-children of the time when a great battle took place.  He speaks to the children of when the Earth Mother called upon a young shaman to summon her most powerful ally - the Stone God, to battle and destroy the evil corporate demon Bobby Babylon.  The elder did not tell the children that he was, in fact, the shaman that raised the Stone God. The battle occurred 3 days after Twitch entered our dimension...   The Shaman12. Ritual For the Stone God (Marchand, Johnson) Rodney Coronado - vocals; Eric Johnson - percussion, samples Old man: He had the vision the night before.  A vision that shook his soul.  A vision of merciless power.  A vision of rock, girth and fire.  He was a young shaman.  He was chosen for a reason.  His love of Mother Earth was like no other.  He gathered the sacred stones in a hand woven sack, held them tighly in the evening and prayed to the Earth Mother and swore he would not turn back.  She guided him the next day.  A beautiful hawk, gigantic is size showed him the way to the sacred cliff, we now call "The Cliff of Power." The desert trembled, the sun blazed down.  He climbed the cliff and screamed in reverence and in thanks...the battle was about to begin.  The ground quaked as he removed the stones from his cloak.  He stood high atop a cliff.  He uttered the incantations given to him by the Great Mother.  He threw the sack straight into the big sky and it plummeted down and made a huge thunderous sound and the sack of stones slowly sank into the ground.  The young shaman, wide-eyed, threw off his shroud, running fast and away fro the whole cliff was about to give way.  As he was running he thought, "today greed dies!  The Great Mother will take her body back!  For today, the Stone God awakens!!"   13.  The Stone God Awakens (Johnson) Performed by Sun Zoom Spark; Eric Johnson - drums, bass, guitar, samples; Jesus Acedo - lead guitar; Audrey and Allen Smith - didgereedoos; John Paul Marchand - percussion (INSTRUMENTAL) Only the young Shaman witnessed the battle and subsequent destruction of Bobby Babyon.  The city of Tucson had felt the resulting earthquake and marveled at the strange purple clouds that rolled hard and fast out west of town in and above the area known as Gates Pass.  Although Bobby had put up an impressive fight, the corporate demon that was the source of all greed for so many generations, was sent back to the realms of chaos forever.  Bobby' s corporation, "BABYLON INC.," would fold soon after, sending the world markets into a panic (the WTO would soon crumble also).  Although Bobby's legacy would take a good time to wane, his influence upon the Intellectual Plane had begun it fast decline.  The Stew's taste was better for it. Mr. Is's ulcer suddenly healed.  The day of the battle would mark the beginning of a new age for all the Earth.  But all was not healed.  Humnakind still had some growning up to do.  Twitch and her work were far from done.   End of Act One      

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