Twitch Libretto Act Two Part One

Twitch (Melissa Luna) delivers her message to the world[ti_audio name="Twitch Act Two Part One"] 14. News Broadcast II (Marchand) John Paul Marchand - voice; Eric Johnson - radio effects Burt Bland reports that the source of the facial twitch is not that of a virus, but from a magical nature nymph with vast telephathic powers.  In less than a day, Twitch is known throughout the world.  She is flown (with the help of the environmental group The Center Biological Diversity in Tucson, Arizona) to Washinton DC, to have her unprecedented press conference.  At the White House, she explained to the world that massive reform is needed for the human race to continue to coexist with the planet.  She said that healing the relationship with one another also effects the health and vitality of the planet.  Her telepathic powers help her to reach all the others without modern conveniences.  Mr. Is even lends a hand and helps Twitch communicate in every language spoken on Earth.  Earth Mother's message is finally reaching the hearts of everyone...all and everything are one.  The Balance must be restored.   15.  The Envoy (Marchand, Leach, Luellyn) Performed by Cyclotron; Craig Leach - guitar, vocals, synthesizer; Brad Luellyn - drums, programming; Bryna Gallagher - vocals; Lizzie Ankst - vocals Roving reporter Arthur Dweebs after the press conference. Reporters: The Envoy! The Envoy! The Envoy, the Envoy! Arthur Dweebs: Oh delicate faere one! You have entered the big time now!  You have wandered for a time within the collective mind.  Now you understand how amazing and confusing these lands of humans... Reporters: Can be!  Can be! Can be, can be! Dweebs: Its time to get the word out to the leaders of the world.  To every Mary Jane to those who feel our pain!  To every two-legged that has a hand in the destruction of this world. Reporters: Can be! Can be! Can be, can be! Dweebs: Some will try to stop you!  Some will share your dance!  One may try to destroy you, some will miss their chance.  You must dodge the bullets!  Smile at their contempt!  Dance around the hatred and the assassination attempts! Reporters: The Envoy! The Envoy! The Envoy, the Envoy! Dweebs: (mockingly) And Mother Earth loves you so and Mother Earth loves you so and Mother Earth loves you so and Mother Earth loves you so.   The Ordinary Man (real name not known) watched the press conference on television in awe, as Twtich made herself known throughout the world.  He is grealy moved and feels confused.  How should he begin? How does he begin?   The Ordinary Man (Rey Tester)16.  Common Ground (Marchand, Tester) Performed by Sun Zoom Spark with Rey Tester; Rey Tester - vocals, guitar; Eric Johnson - guitar, bass, synthesizer; Bryan Kohl - drums; Sara Clarke - backing vocals Ordinary Man: Oh, what can I do?  I'm just an ordinary man.  I know I am part of the machine, I hear you, Twitch and I understand.  But how can I change anything?  Do you know what you asked of us? Don't you see that it all feels, so far out, out of our hands.  Is it out of our hands?   Is it out of our hands? We all have to find this common ground.  We all have to find it.  We all have to find...No more can we sit and pretend we can defile her, exploit her, misuse her and abuse her.  Oh no! Our reckoning is at hand! The common ground is the earth on which we stand - this common ground! But will the leaders hear the call?  It might have to take a revolution!  The mystics speak of a 5th world rising - I'm just trying to feed my family!  It might have to take, so much more, so much more. So much more than anything we have  ever tried to do.  I am just an ordinary man.   Twitch and the Ordinary Man embraceThe Ordinary Man sits back on his couch and falls asleep.  He opens his eyes to find himself and all his living  room furniture in The Wood. Many beautiful Faere Folk appear to him, dancing around him, standing on his couch sprinkling dust on him and tugging at the back of his hair. They run and vanish and he sees and recognizes Twitch, even though she appears to him as her faere self.  He takes her hand and they begin to dance together within The Wood.  The Earth Mother is pleased.   17.  Wandering Spirits (Johnson) Performed by Sun Zoom Spark; Eric Johnson - guitar, bass, synthesizer; Bryan Kohl - drums (INSTRUMENTAL)

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