Twitch Libretto Act Two Part Two

[ti_audio name="Twitch Act Two Part three"] Twitch wakes up from a much needed sleep.  Her telepathic powers enable her to feel billions of minds directed and focused on her!  She runs out of the television studio (she is scheduled to speak on a a news program).  She heads for the street, turns around a corner and falls to her knees in the middle of an alleyway.  With her hands holding her head....   18.  They All Know Me Now (Marchand) Melissa Luna - vocals Twitch: Where do I go from here? Where do we go from here?  They all know me now, Earth Mother, they all know me now.  They want me to save them, but I'm just a part of the fray.  I will find my new clan.   We will defend you, we will heal you Earth Mother, we will do all we can.  For there is only one Earth and it must come first.  For there is only one Earth and it must come first.  I am not the last!   Twitch senses something behind her; she turns around and sees hundreds of Faere Folk (led by her best friend Spark), entering this reality.  Flashes of lightning hit all over the alleyway.  In groups of three they appear, all smiling.  She turns around opposite this amazing vision to see Clemicus and the Ordinary Man behind her.  Suddenly, she realizes she will soon have to make a choice, for her friends must be there for only one reason.  They are there to bring her back to The Wood.   Nature Spirits approach Twitch19. Sensory Soiree (Marchand, Johnson) Performed by Sun Zoom Spark; Eric Johnson - guitar, bass, vocals; Bryan Kohl - drums; Robert Hepworth - organ; Brian Maloney - saxophone; Jessica Shuman - vocals; Sara Clarke - vocals; Rey Tester - vocals The Ordinary Man and the Faere Folk: On the day of your arrival.  Change was in the air! The Ordinary Man: You have planted the seeds of change, you have risked it all! Everyone: Because you care!  Because you care! Because you care! Because you care! Twitch...Twitch...Where do you go from here?  Where do we go from here? People of the World: Will you lead us?  Will you follow us? The Faere Folk: Will you join us? People of the World: Will you rest in the arms of the Mother? Merlin: Will you, can you?  Find the balance? People of the World: Yes, we can!  On the day of your arrival, change was in the air.   Even after intense pleading from her best friend, Spark, Twitch declines the invitation to go back to The Wood and be the Folk's new queen.  Spark tells Twitch that she has learned that Twitch and her efforts have bought the human race five more ears to change, and end their assult on the plant.  Twitch, Clemicus and The Ordinary Man (Twitch has nicknamed him OM) go on the road together gaining followers both in the United States and around the world.  With Queen Norganna basnished from the Earth (and all her planes of existence). Spark becomes the new Queen of The Wood.  A renewed passage of communication between the Faere Folk and humankind is forged. So for the time being, this tale ends with a happy ending, as I guess, all rock operas should. There is still much to be done and Twitch and her message remains the is up to us to save ourselves and it is up to us to save this planet.   Twitch back cover art for CD (2002)20. The Balance (McKusker) Melissa Luna - vocals; Allen and Audrey Smith - didgereedoos; Eric Johnson - synthesizer Twitch: See the change, the movement.  From concrete to green leaf, from paranoia to peace, from alienation to unity, then back within the center of them all...hear our prayer.  Let us join hands and generate kind wisdom.  From one mouth, many voices.  For this vision of love, for this vehicle to transgress...hear our prayer.  Sending out waves of hope for an orderless order.  For Mother Earth to rise and SHAKE US!  Hear our prayer...   THE END

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