Twitch Live Directors Notes

Eric Johnson with the Sun Zoom singersTwitch was at first 45 minutes of instrumental music, meant to be one day the foundation of a humble little piece of performance art.  But it grew and grew and a rock opera was born.  So many amazing and talented people have left their mark on this rather big ditty about a faery folk named Twitch, and that was half the reason I started this project - to collaborate, to do and perform a magical piece of theatre, art and music.  The other reason is simple.  We are burning our own house down.  It is insane what is going on.  I don't pretend i am not part of the problem.  We all are - and we better act fast.  As Gabrielle's Earth Song II states, "the Earth is alive..." Twitch hust wants us to look around and seek a new way.  Its is a lot to ask on this whirlwind ride of modern times, but there is so much at stake.  This show is dedicated to environmentalists everywhere, and to Mother Earth of course.  John Paul Marchand, creator (2002) Mock yourself often; it blurs the edges.  Challenge is for the strong of will and deft of heart.  An idea, great or small, is only that, until you form it into reality. Nothing is impossible.  Delani Cody, director (2002) The primary goal with the Twitch music is to create a rock opera that rocks.  One thing I have learned is that you are only as good as the people you have working with you.  I am truly blessed to be working with some of the best musicians and singers Tucson has to offer on this project.  Eric Johnson, musical director (2002)

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