Twitch Live

promo poster for Twitch performances in Sept 2002John Paul Marchand's Twitch A Rock Opera From The Earth was performed live in September 2002 by Sparrow and Cicada Theatre Works in Tucson Arizona.  The wildly successful performances showcased Twitch's music performed by the newly reformed Sun Zoom Spark, with over 30 different performers, actors and dancers; and 15 foot tall Stone God puppet created by Tucson Puppet Works. [ti_audio name="Twitch Live! September 27, 2002" volume="100"] The audio showcased on this page was recorded September 27, 2002 at The Muse in Tucson Arizona.  The audio represents the Twitch opera in its entirety. THE CAST Eric Johnson (Merlin); Ali Bonner (Twitch); Kate Juliano (Spark,Reporter #1); Allison Rose (Earth Mother); Kathryn Balley (Queen Norgana); Christopher Johnson (Bobby Babylon); Jeffrey Punske (Clemicus); John Paul Marchand (Dr. Dink); Bryna Gallagher (Agent #9); Drew Antzis (Mr. Is); Julia Yankowski (Bobby's Floozy); Gabe Peabbles (Shaman); Shawn Nez (Reporter #2); Rey Tester (Ordinary Man); Becky Harvey, Elizabeth Kelsik, Dianna Balley, Adam Balley, Matthew Balley, Rishi Kobayahsi (Nature Spirits) THE BAND - SUN ZOOM SPARK Eric Johnson (vocals, guitar, flute, percussion); J Ratcliff (drums); Brian Maloney (bass); Bobby Hepworth (keyboards); John Paul Marchand (percussion); Jessica Shuman (backing vocals); Marisa Locust (backing vocals); Bryna Gallagher (backing vocals) THE CREW Kristina Whitsell (producer); Delani D. Cody (director); Erik J. Lundquist (technical director); Eric Johnson (musical director); Gail Warren (stage manager); Jim Klingenfus (sound design); Elizabeth Hardy (lighting design); Benjamin Sims (set design); Angela Carter (costume design); D.N. Olivus (choreography); Jaspur (stage hand); James, Priam, Dee, Jae, Janz, Jay (installation); John Paul Marchand (cinematography); Zack Matheson and John Paul Marchand (video editing); Huna B. Hammond (video projection); Tucson Puppet Works (puppet design); Eric Wagner, Matt Cotten, Jimi D. Cricket, Charles Swanson (puppeteers)

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