Twitch Libretto Act One Part One

Merlin (Duane Norman)[ti_audio name="Twitch Act One Part One"]
1. PROLOGUE (Marchand, Johnson) Performed by Sun Zoom Spark with Jessica Shuman (Eric Johnson – guitar, bass, vocals, synthesizer; Bryan Kohl – drums; Jessica Shuman – vocals) Merlin sets the stage with Morgaine by his side. Merlin: There’s a world underlining this one.  There was once was a battalion of a kind. A league of spirits that held the natural laws in sync and in line. Morgaine: All your technologies and all your greed machines… Together: …has removed them from their posts and turned them into ghosts. Now there is just one left...and her name is Twitch!  She’s humanities only hope.  She’s the last of the nature spirits.  She’s the last the believes in you.  When all the others of her kind felt their purpose had been run. Morgaine: When our hearts are too closed to hear the call... Merlin: When everything in the woods has been given a name and a number and a place - there is going to be a fall! Morgaine: When our hearts are too closed to hear the call.   Nature Spirits of The Wood2. CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE (Marchand, Johnson, Arnold) performed by Melissa Luna – vocals; Vicky – vocals; Young Arnold – bass and effects; Eric Johnson - flute The queen of the Faere Folk, Norganna, tries one last time to lure Twitch out of her hiding, and to convince her (through magicl devices if need be) to oin in the exodus, and leave the Earth Mother forever.  Twitch remains steadfast, so Twitch is left alone... 3. WHY? (Marchand, Luna) Performed by Melissa Luna – vocals Twitch, sad and confused walks alone within The Wood… Twitch: Why? I really don’t understand.  Why? I really can’t comprehend.  All the Folk have left these enchanted lands.  It all feels out of my hands.  Is it out of my hands, Earth Mother?  Is it out of my hands? Twitch of The WoodTwitch, after being shown the Forbidden Gate earlier by Merlin, begins to run hard and fast toward the gate that will take her out of The Wood and into our own dimension.  As she finally reaches the gate, she finds an egg-like green pod that was made eons ago by the Earth Mother herself.  Twitch approaches the organic vessel with great care.  To her astonishment, the pod opens for her obediently as she comes within arms length of the green capsule.  She climbs inside and prays, as the pod closes and seals with branch and thicket.  The thing suddenly rises off of the ground with its new-found passenger curled up inside like an infant not yet born!  At thunderous speed, the pod begins to fly through The Wood, toward the portal that will take her though many multidimensional passageways.  Its final destination…The Intellectual Plane…also known as…The Intellectual Stew! Merlin (Duane Norman)4. SHE ENTERS THE DREAM (Marchand, Johnson) Performed by Sun Zoom Spark (Eric Johnson – guitar, vocals, bass, synthesizer, percussion; Bryan Kohl – drums; Bryan Gallagher – vocals; John Paul Marchand – vocals) Merlin: She enters the dream with a missions, a cause.  To warn us of the Earth changes that may befall us all.  There’s a hole in the sky miles wide!  The oceans are turning to black!  The forests are vanishing!  Right before our eyes!  Yet the greed, it rises  Like a strange dark cloud in the sky.  Why do we ignore these signs?  Earth Mother, she loves us, her children...No longer can she allow us, to pretend. Pretend to be blind!  To be blind! To her plight! To her cries! To her cries!

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