Action Figures Blind Child and the Garden

SlowBurn Records debut project, Blind Child and the Garden, is a proto-type for the kind of writing and experimentation what would be revisited many times in years to come.   The first of the Action Figures releases, Blind Child... is an early look at guitarist/vocalist Eric Johnson’s writing style and SlowBurn’s primitive yet creative 4 track recording techniques.  The project, primarily made up of guitar, bass, vocals and a little drum machine deals loosely with ideas of birth and death.   All track have been remixed, remastered by Eric Johnson in February 2018 at SlowBurn Studio, Tucson Arizona.  This archival release feature several bonus tracks from the very beginning of Johnson's recorded musical output, including the very first recorded track, a cover of Steppenwolf's "Born To Be Wild," recorded June 1986, when Johnson was 15 years old.

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