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Universal Icy Lucifer

Limited cassette release on SlowBurn Records (1989) [ti_audio name="Universal Icy Lucifer" volume="75"] songs - Beginner, Born To Me, Flute Boogie, Mist, Wind In The Willows, Died This Morning and Heard Reggae, You'll Never Walk Alone, 10000 Miles, Icy Lucifer, The Right Stuff Eric Johnson - all instruments and vocals SlowBurn up-grades their recording technology with gear that can actually record live drums! This pivotal outing, Icy Lucifer combines the best of the Universal releases, interesting pop rock, acid exploration melt-down and placid instrumentals with a noticeable upgrade in mixing and sound quality.  Even included here is a version of Robert Calvert’s The Right Stuff.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material proudly does not comply with industry standards.

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