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Universal Oceans

oceanscoverLimited cassette release on SlowBurn (1989) [ti_audio name="Universal Oceans" volume="75"] songs—Co-Serpentine Lines, Wishes, Waiting For Paradise, Jig Song, Cheops, Jig Song Part II, Easy Journey To Other Planets, The Path Forgotten, Last Song Eric Johnson – all instruments and vocals except Young Arnold – bass on “The Path Forgotten,” and “Easy Journey to Other Planets” What Universal attempted on their Structure release, was improved with Oceans.  This final recording from Universal features experimentations in ‘piano-rock,’ plus two other epic songs, The Path Forgotten and Easy Journey to Other Planets-both featuring Young Arnold on the bass.  Oceans is both a meditative journey and a successful experiment to combine piano and drum and bass.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material proudly does not comply with industry standards.

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