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Universal Recordings 1987-1989

Compilation originally released on SlowBurn Records (2007) songs- (disc one) The Path Forgotten, Drone, 10000 Miles, Salamander, October, Co-Serpentine Lines (disc two) Egyptian Queen, The Seed, Storms Rise, Osiris, Icy Lucifer, Easy Journey to Other Planets SlowBurn Records is celebrating 20 years of recorded music with the release of Universal: Recordings 1987-1989.  A fully remixed and remastered collection of four track recordings, this special two CD set documents the very beginning of a musical journey that continued over the course of two decades. In the beginning, SlowBurn Records was created by Tucson musician Eric Johnson in order to somehow organize recordings that he was making while still in high school.  Johnson’s interest (or perhaps obsession) with recording continued over the next several years, completing 17 full-length cassette projects.  The music, all penned and performed by Johnson (with a few exceptions) ranged from heavy psych-rock, to ambient/soundtrack/experimental works to wistful folk songs and beyond. This diverse musical direction is evident on Universal: Recordings 1987-1989. The first of 3 collections of four track recordings that are to be released on SlowBurn Records, Recordings 1987-1989 demonstrates the power of adolescent imagination.  From the 16 minute guitar, bass and drums jam of opener The Path Forgotten, and the progressive piano-driven Co-serpentine Lines, to the wah-attack, raga rock of The Seed and the Careful With That Axe, Eugene-inspired epic freak-out of Easy Journey to Other Planets, the collection presents evidence of a fertile and creative musical vision that would continue to develop over the next 20 years. Eric Johnson went on to complete dozens of original recordings since the 1980s.  Best known for his work not only as an instrumentalist but also a recording engineer with Tucson’s legendary psych-rock band Black Sun Ensemble, in addition, he, along with John Paul Marchand, has helped to create an original full-length rock opera called Twitch – A Rock Opera From the Earth. He has also played in numerous bands over the years including Sun Zoom Spark, The Nervous Duane Orkestra, and most recently, Tucson’s Bread and Circus.

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