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Universal Sandstone

Limited cassette release on SlowBurn Records (1989) [ti_audio name="Universal Sandstone" volume="100"] songs--Osiris (0riginal version), Sister Mary, Into The Garden, Mother Earth, Salamander (original version), Storms Rise (original version), Winds of Change, The Gnome, Black Bird, Waiting for Paradise Eric Johnson – all instruments and vocals Recorded in November 1988 thru January 1989, Sandstone is the third release from the collective ensemble Universal. Sandstone, still being made up of primarily guitar, bass, vocals and effects, shines in a way that the previous two releases do not.  From the hard rock Storms Rise to the experimental folk rock of Salamander, the material on Sandstone is tighter, more defined and executed with more purpose.  Even a cover of Pink Floyd's The Gnome makes an appearance on this folky, vintage-sounding project.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material proudly does not comply with industry standards.

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