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Steve Goetz 1994Works (1993-1995) was a power-trio from Madison Wisconsin. Formed by members of Blue Ruin/Brave Sun in September 1993, brothers Steve (bass) and Jason Goetz (drums) and Eric Johnson (guitar) began to write and rehearsal largely instrumental material that combined modern rock rhythms with 60s/70s psychedelic guitar styles that created a unique hybrid of hard-rock and ambient music. With influences that ranged from the stoner-rock of Kyuss and others, the progressive-rock of Rush, rumba, and  middle-eastern melodies, Works honed a series of complex songs that were to make up their only release, 1995's self-titled debut.  The trio, burnt out on playing gigs and the stress that comes with that from their days with Blue Ruin, happily spent their time together perfecting their material and unfortunately, never played a public gig. Jason Goetz decided to leave Madison and move to Denver in early 1995, bringing the Works era to a close. Jason Goetz went onto become a successful entrepreneur in Denver, owning a professional sound reinforcement company.  Steve Goetz and Eric Johnson, with Bryan Kohl, when onto to form the first incarnation of Sun Zoom Spark later that year.  (November 2010)

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