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Released on SlowBurn Records (1995, 2004) songs --Yellow #7,Outside The Tribe, Flying Machine, Bad Notion Blues, Feather (Hot Head), Datura, Sunshine, Dad's Dope, Alien, Improvisation A, Improvisation B, Improvisation C Jason Goetz - drums; Steve Goetz - bass; Eric Johnson - vocals and guitar Works is a razor sharp, largely instrumental ensemble formed as a prototype for explorations to come.  Brothers Steve and Jason Goetz are a rhythm section to be taken seriously delivering some serious power grooves.  Eric Johnson’s guitar work here ranges from the ambient to fuzz-tone grunge. The ensemble creates a unique sound that uses modern rhythms of alternative rock with 60s/70s experimentation creating heavy-hitting, mostly instrumental progressive rock.  Also included with the studio material are three improvised works recorded on different occasions.  With monster ‘stoner-rock’ riffs and precise time changes, Works is an impressive achievement.  A largely collaborative writing effort, the album flows from section to section, song to song as if telling an imaginative story of conflict and resolve.   WARNING: A SlowBurn Records 4 Track Recording.  Recorded material does not comply with industry standards.

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