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Blue Ruin

Todd Streicher on stage 1993Formerly known as The Incomplacents, Blue Ruin (1990-1993) was formed by two sets of brothers --Steve (bass) and Jason Goetz (drums) and Peter (guitar) and Todd Streicher (vocals).  The quartet gigged often around the Madison, Wisconsin area playing a blend of Clash-influenced punk and indie garage rock.  There are several unreleased recordings of the band from this era.  Wanting to expand their sound, the band recruited Eric Johnson (guitar) in 1992 and Blue Ruin began to write material that would later be included on their self-titled debut EP.  The band chose to record at Madison's Fast Forward studio in March 1993, however the experience was not as successful as the band hoped. Blue Ruin were only able to complete four out of the ten songs attempted at the studio.  To make matters worse, the four songs that the group did complete were never properly mixed - only the rough mixes survive.  The band published the tracks as an EP cassette on SlowBurn in 1993 called "Brave Sun".  Soon there after, Peter Streicher, seemingly unsatisfied with the direction his life was taking him, left the band.   Blue Ruin, now a four piece, changed their name to Brave Sun and continued to play gigs.  There are some unreleased live and studio recordings of the band during this era.  Due to stylistic differences, the Goetz brothers and Johnson left Brave Sun in September 1993 to form Works.   The Blue Ruin self-titled CD was put together in 2003 with the material from Fast Forward and other tracks recorded live at the band's studio in Madison Wisconsin.  (November 2010)

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